Ann Adams, LMHC

Clinical Supervisor

Ann Adams is a licensed mental health counselor who is bilingual in both English and Spanish. She has worked with adults, adolescents, children, couples and families. Clients seek counseling for many reasons including depression, other mood disorders, anxiety, substance abuse, addictive disorders, parenting problems, life changes and circumstances including relationships and work related issues.  Many clients have problems coping with daily life stressors, and seek to improve the quality of life by becoming empowered to conquer their fears and challenge misguided beliefs.

Ann uses a variety of therapeutic techniques and evidence based approaches including CBT, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, brief psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal psychology, person centered counseling, rational emotive behavior therapy, and other techniques to meet individual needs.

Ann has been in practice since 1995 and has worked with an extensive variety of individuals. She is licensed in the States of Florida and Rhode Island. She is a qualified Supervisor and helps new therapists to achieve their license in the mental health profession.


Danièle Trevathan LMHC, QS, MCAP, ICADC, CET, SAP

Danièle’s career began in substance abuse and mental health in 2003. Danièle studied for her Bachelors and Masters Degree in Boca Raton at Florida Atlantic University. Working as a therapist, supervisor, program director and clinical director at various treatment centers in Palm Beach and Broward Counties, Danièle has been able to develop programs, hone her skills and learn that she has as much passion for working with colleagues as she does for clients. She has trained in various styles of therapy including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt, client-centered, Trauma (including Seeking Safety), Relapse Prevention and Denial Management. Danièle continues to develop her style to fit the needs of each individual and provided supervision for colleagues in these areas and more.

Danièle assists clients in developing coping skills, which includes increasing their their capacity for emotional regulation and self-acceptance. Danièle believes in a client centered and humanistic approach and believes that clients want to do better given the opportunity to move through fear and guilt which become stumbling blocks for their growth. Danièle works with clients to increase their motivation for change and to help them to develop a sense of purpose so they have something to work towards.

Danièle finds a sense of pleasure and fulfillment in watching clients and clinicians connect with their potential to move forward and to see them grown into their purpose.